Leadership Development

Training College
In 1986 with help from the UK, a full time three month training course for Pastors and Leaders was commenced.
Truth and Life Ministry staff have themselves taught this course each year along with some evening classes.


In 2006, with the involvement of over 100 supporters, Nigeria LifeLink funded a minibus for use by leadership teams.

Church Planting

Truth & Life are actively ‘planting churches’ in remote and poor villages in the Middle belt and North of the country.
New life & hope is being breathed into these communities.


•Area 923,768km
(UK 244,110)
•Population 126 million
(UK 60m)
•Civilian President: Umaru Yar'Adua
•Life expectancy 51 yrs
•Infant mortality 73 deaths/1000
•Aids in excess of 3m
250 Ethnic groups
•Hausa /Fulani 29%
•Yoruba 21%
•Ibo 18%
•Moslem 50%
•Christian 40%
•Indigenous beliefs 10%
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